19” Network Cabinet Rack Accessories — Blank Panel

Short Description:

♦ Product name: Blank Panel.

♦ Material: SPCC cold rolled steel.

♦ Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China.

♦ Brand Name: Dateup.

♦ Color: Black/Gray.

♦ Application: Network Equipment Rack.

Cabinet Standard: 19 Inch.

♦ Size: 1u 2u 3u 4u.

♦ Surface finish: Degreasing, Silanization, Electrostatic spray.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Blank panels play an essential role in a cabinet. Its mainly has the following functions:
1.Complete the electromagnetic shielding function to ensure that the box meets the requirements of electromagnetic radiation.
2.Prevent foreign objects from entering the box.
3.Prevent the internal circuit from being exposed.
4.Ensure the correct circulation of cooling air inside the box.
5.Use to cover the blank area of the cabinet, and the appearance looks more beautiful.

Blank panel_1
Blank pane_1

Product  Specification

Model No.




1U blank panel

19” installation


2U blank panel

19” installation


3U blank panel

19” installation


4U blank panel

19” installation


1U fast removable blank panel

19” installation


2U fast removable blank panel

19” installation

Remark: When■ =0denotes Gray (RAL7035), When■ =1denotes Black (RAL9004).

Payment & Warranty


For FCL (Full Container Load), 30% deposit before production, 70% balance payment before shippment.
For LCL (Less than Container Load), 100% payment before production.


1 year limited warranty.



• For FCL (Full Container Load), FOB Ningbo, China.

• For LCL (Less than Container Load), EXW.


How to install blank panels in the cabinet?

There are many types of blank panels. Therefore, select the blank panel dimensions based on the cabinet dimensions. Determine the blank panel to be installed and the back plane to be installed, tighten the blank panel using a dedicated screwdriver, and secure the blank panel using a wrench. After the overall installation is complete, observe whether it is skewed to ensure correct installation.

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