MKD Cabinets Network Cabinet 19” Data Center Cabinet

Short Description:

♦ Front door: Hexagonal reticular vented arc front door.

♦ Rear door: Hexagonal reticular high density vented plate rear door. (Double-section optional)

♦ Static loading capacity: 1600 (KG).

♦ Degree of Protection: IP20.

♦ 16 folded steel frame, more stable.

♦ Larger internal space, easy combination.

♦ Air conditioning components can be easily installed.

♦ The front and back doors are interchangeable.

♦ Comply with UL, ROHS certifications.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Standard Specification


♦ IEC60297-2

♦ DIN41494: PART1

♦ DIN41494: PART7

♦ GB/T3047.2-92: ETSI

2.MKD lock
3.mounting profile and Cable management slot1
3.side view unit
5.ground label1


Materials SPCC cold rolled steel
Structure Disassembly/ Welded frame
Width (mm) 600/800
Depth (mm) 600.800.900.1000.1100.1200
Capacity (U) 22U.27U.32U.37U.42U.47U
Color Black RAL9004SN(01) / Gray RAL7035SN (00)
Ventilation rate 75%
Side panels Removable side panels
Thickness (mm) Mounting profile 2.0, Mounting angle/Column 1.5, Others 1.2, Side panel 0.8
Surface finish Degreasing, Silanization, Electrostatic spray

Product  Specification

Model No.



Hexagonal reticular high density vented  arc front door, double-section hexagonal reticular high density vented  plate rear door, gray


Hexagonal reticular high density vented  arc front door, double-section hexagonal reticular high density vented  plate rear door, black


Hexagonal reticular high density vented  arc front door, hexagonal reticular high density vented  plate rear door, gray


Hexagonal reticular high density vented  arc front door, hexagonal reticular high density vented  plate rear door, black

Remarks: ■■■■ First■ denotes width, second■ denotes depth, third & fourth■ denotes capacity.


MK Cabinets Assembly Drawing:

① Column frame
② Top & Bottom frame
③ Mounting angle
④ Mounting profile
⑤ Top cover
⑥ Dustproof brush

⑦ Tray & heavy duty castor
⑧ Two section side panels
⑨ Double-section plate vented rear door
⑩ Hexagonal reticular high density vented plate front door
⑪ Hexagonal reticular high density vented arc front door

Remark: Lower 32U (including 32U) with one-piece side panel.


Payment & Warranty


For FCL (Full Container Load), 30% deposit before production, 70% balance payment before shippment.
For LCL (Less than Container Load), 100% payment before production.


1 year limited warranty.



• For FCL (Full Container Load), FOB Ningbo, China.

• For LCL (Less than Container Load), EXW.


What are our recommendations for cabinet selection?

The first step is to consider the cabinet space. We need to list all the devices in the cabinet and their complete measurements: height, length, width, weight. Combined with the size and space footprint of these devices, it will ultimately determine how tall the cabinet you will choose.

Obviously, a tall cabinet can fit more equipment and save more space. A basic principle is that cabinets should be 20 to 30 percent higher in height for system expansion. These spaces also improve the ventilation of the equipment.

When selecting a server cabinet, also pay attention to the support. The weight of the equipment determines whether the support is a sliding frame, whether it is standard or weighted.

As the density of products in a cabinet increases, good load-bearing capacity is a basic requirement for a qualified cabinet product.

How many types of cabinets are there on the market?

Common cabinets can be divided into the following types:

Divided by function: anti-fire and anti-magnetic cabinet, power cabinet, monitoring cabinet, shielding cabinet, security cabinet, waterproof cabinet, multimedia file cabinet, wall hanging cabinet.
According to the application scope: outdoor cabinet, indoor cabinet, communication cabinet, industrial security cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinet, power cabinet, server cabinet.
Extended categories: computer chassis cabinet, stainless steel chassis, tool cabinet, standard cabinet, network cabinet.


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