Dateup Assists The Information Construction Of Hilton Huiting Hotel (Yantai Laishan Branch)

With the vigorous development of China’s hotel industry, more and more hotels use information technology to improve their own management level, the traditional hotel in China and modern information management organically combined, for the hotel to become bigger, stronger, management standardization plays a vital role, the purpose of hotel management is cost control, operation control, the final result is efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this, it is essential to manage the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and validity of data, which are precisely the most important characteristics of information systems.

Building equipment control system, security system, computer network system, integrated management system, etc., through the above systems, the hotel’s public resources can be scientifically managed, operating costs can be reduced, and the safeoperation of the hotel can be ensured. wr (1)

The construction of the computer room mainly considers the power supply and distribution system, UPS uninterruptible power supply, lightning protection and grounding of the computer room, and then fully meets the environmental requirements of the equipment of the computer room, and mainly considers the temperature and humidity of the computer room environment, the cleanliness of the air, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference, and the intelligence of the computer room. Therefore, it is not only necessary to control the environment of the computer room through the corresponding equipment (such as air conditioners, fresh fans, etc.), but also to consider the influence of decorative materials on the environment of the computer room.

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As the physical basis of the entire intelligence and informatization, the integrated wiring of the information construction of Homewood by Hilton (Yantai Laishan Branch) is known as the intelligent and information-based nervous system. In terms of network cabinets, Homewood by Hilton (Yantai Laishan Branch) adopts the high-quality products of “DATEUP” brand cabinets for information construction.

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Hilton Yantai is located in the landmark building of Shimao Skyline, a landmark building in the heart of Zhifu District, Yantai City, with a strategic location with a panoramic view of Yantai’s bustling city center and stunning sea views.

Post time: Apr-15-2024