DATEUP Assists the Informatization Construction of China Telecom Building in Beijing


Above the prosperity, high-end business enjoy a new intelligent experience, craftsmanship and excellence. Superior office life, excellent quality, novel modeling, high quality service, outstanding international quality and professional first-class property management,

together build the ideal office platform for global leading enterprises, and share the future with successful enterprises. Intelligent use of facilities, services, management and operations created a three-dimensional "green office" ecosystem, elegant office environment, and convenient experience.


Informatization of the construction industry is one of the foundations of national economic informatization. Informatization of the construction industry refers to the use of information technology,

especially computer technology, network technology, communication technology, control technology, system integration technology and information security technology, etc., to transform and upgrade the construction industry's technological means and production organization methods, to improve the level of operation and management and the core competitiveness of construction enterprises, and to improve the level of management, decision-making and service of the competent authorities in the construction industry.


Strengthen network construction and application, and establish network security protection system. As our demand for information technology tools increases, we need to establish PLM system, OKR, OA system, ERP system, MES system, CRM. in terms of the development stage of enterprise management, prompting these systems to the end of the formation of a business Internet.


DATEUP adopts contemporary mainstream technologies and applies advanced platforms and tools, as well as system structure and application design to meet the needs of business development. In addition, DATEUP possesses mature, stable and reliable software technology and manufacturing technology to ensure the system's uninterrupted and safe operation in the case of large data volume and high concurrency. The construction of network system of Beijing China Telecom Building in the Internet era should not be underestimated, and network information security is especially important.

Speed and stability are the core elements to enhance Beijing China Telecom Tower." DATEUP's MS series of cabinets, Category 6 and Category 5 cabling systems and security cabling products have been well received by the customers of Beijing China Telecom Building by virtue of their superior product quality, fast delivery cycle and perfect service system.

"DATEUP, the leading brand of integrated cabling, network cabinets, network cabling, fiber optic patch cords and other production, research and development, sales as one of the large-scale modern enterprises, providing information center construction solutions." As a leading brand in China, DATEUP adheres to the core value of "Exceeding Expectations - Creating Value for Users, Creating Profit for Customers, and Creating Profit for Employees" from the beginning to the end. At the same time, we carry out the central guiding principle of "developing the country through science and technology, and developing the industry through technology", and invest at least 20% of our annual profits in the research and development of new products, new technologies and new techniques. DATEUP products through a number of strict experimental testing and quality control, has passed a number of domestic and international certification, such as CCC, UL, ROHS, ETL, CE, CPR, etc., and access to a number of high and new technology patents! Dedicated to become the light of national products!

Telecom Building covers an area of 14,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters, the building is 249.8 meters high with a total of 68 floors, the office area is 78,000 square meters, the leased part is 20-45 floors, the square is based on the standard of international Grade A office building, adopting the latest international construction technology of steel pipe columns.


Post time: Mar-22-2023