Dateup Contributes To The Intelligent Construction Of Binzhou Boxing Cultural Center

According to the national development plan, the proportion of cultural industry is increasing year by year, and is developing into one of the pillar industries of the national economy. A successful city is a city of culture, and culture is regarded as an important part of the construction of “smart city” and a key direction of expansion, with “Internet of Things” technology as the core application to form a “smart culture”, and the core competitiveness of smart applications is formed in the fields of digital museums, digital libraries, digital archives, and digital campuses.

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The digital construction platform takes the three major work links of “collection, management and utilization” as the main line, and integrates modern software and hardware systems such as electronic queuing and calling, electric trolley transmission, LED notification, IC card, wireless PD system, and electric dense rack from the utilization service level to provide a “one-door” digital utilization service level.

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With the “Internet of Things” technology as the core through the application, build an information system for multi-level audiences supported by information network, based on data center, and oriented to multi-level audiences in four aspects: infrastructure construction, audience service construction, comprehensive business construction and modern operation and promotion, so as to realize digital accumulation, interactive display and information inheritance, and build a comprehensive information system integrating business, office, public information services, venue operation and other functions.

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As the physical basis of the entire intelligence and informatization, the integrated wiring of the construction of Binzhou Boxing Cultural Center is known as the intelligent and information-based nervous system. In terms of network cabinets and integrated wiring, the construction of Binzhou Boxing Cultural Center adopts the high-quality products of the “DATEUP” brand integrated wiring system.

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Boxing County, belonging to Binzhou City, Shandong Province, is located in the southeast of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, adjacent to Dongying District and Guangrao County of Dongying City in the east, Linzi District and Huantai County of Zibo City in the south, Gaoqing County of Zibo City in the west, Bincheng District in the north, and Lijin County of Dongying City across the Yellow River. The total area is 900.7 square kilometers.

Post time: Apr-15-2024