DATEUP Helps Build Fujian Smart Campus

In 2017, in order to promote the integration and innovation of information technology and education and teaching, and further improve the application level of basic education informatization in Fujian province, Fujian Province formulated the "Fujian Province Primary and Secondary School Smart Campus Construction Standards" to promote the construction of primary and secondary school smart campus.

Smart campus construction, in accordance with the scientific concept of campus development, supported by the new generation of information technology and intelligent application, comprehensively integrates the resources inside and outside the campus on the basis of ubiquitous information comprehensive perception and interconnection, and realizes the intelligent self-perception, self-adaptation and self-optimization of seamless connection and synergistic interaction between people, things and campus functional systems. Thus, it can intelligently identify the learning and working situations and individual characteristics of teachers and students, organically connect the physical space and digital space of the school, establish an intelligent and open education and teaching environment for teachers and students, change the way teachers and students interact with school resources and environment, improve the quality of education and teaching and management level, and promote the comprehensive development of teachers and students.


DATEUP, as a leading domestic large-scale modern enterprise integrating production, research and development and sales of network cabinet, network wiring and fiber jumper, provides network engineering construction and transformation solutions for smart campus construction for Fujian Ningde No. 1 Middle School, Fuzhou Yan 'an Middle School, Fuzhou Huawei Middle School and Quanzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational College respectively. We helped Fujian Province further promote the construction of smart campus and IT application, and promoted the deep integration of information technology with education and teaching.

In September 2017, the Ningde municipal government launched the new campus project of Ningde No. 1 Middle School. The new No. 1 Middle School is located in the core start-up area of Sandu 'ao New Area, covering an area of 252 mu, with a land use of 181.5 mu for the first phase, with a total investment of 520 million yuan and a total construction area of 104,000 square meters, including 18 buildings such as office building, laboratory building, teaching building, etc., which can accommodate 3,000 students from the high school and 1,500 students from the cooperative education department. The whole network engineering construction products required by the construction of this project are finally adopted the whole series of DATEUP integrated wiring products through public bidding.

Fuzhou Yan 'an Middle School is located near the South gate of the city center, facing the lofty Confucian Temple and sleeping deep ancient alleys. Founded in 1927, the former Fuzhou Vocational School was founded in Gulou Sanmin Li by Mr. Zhong Daozan, an educator, translator and former doctoral student of Columbia University in the United States. Later, it was renamed Fuzhou Yan 'an Middle School after development. The school actively responds to the government's construction of smart campus. The materials required for the construction of AI large-scale wiring are finally adopted through public bidding.


Fuzhou Times Warwick Middle School is a modern high school with unique architectural features, first-class hardware and software facilities, and excellent educational quality, which is a cooperation between Fujian Warwick Group and Fujian Normal University, adhering to the high quality teachers and educational philosophy of the affiliated High School of Fujian Normal University and Fuzhou Times High School.

The school not only has teaching buildings, experimental buildings, apartment buildings, outdoor playgrounds, but also has indoor constant temperature natatorium, sports hall, library, lecture hall, intelligent restaurant, etc. The materials required for the construction of the school's overall network system are finally adopted through public bidding. The whole series of DATEUP cabling products are adopted.


Quanzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational College is one of the six national and the only public arts and crafts vocational college in Fujian Province. In order to improve the student dormitory network condition and reform and perfect the student dormitory network system, the network engineering equipment required by the project construction is finally adopted DATEUP MS series cabinets and cables through public bidding.

Post time: Mar-22-2023