DATEUP Helps Yantai Smart Transportation Project

The construction of the city brain, the construction of a comprehensive data platform for towns and streets, and the special project of smart transportation have been fully launched. For a long time, the Yantai Big Data Bureau has fully implemented the major strategy of building a cyber power, a digital China and a strong digital province, accelerated the construction of a strong digital city and a smart city, comprehensively empowered the high-quality economic and social development and digital transformation, continuously improved the level of digital governance, and continuously met the citizens’ yearning for a better life.


The construction of “smart roads”, the construction of “powerful clouds”, the opening of “information networks”, the provision of “accurate maps”, and the “smart” vehicles on the road are the blueprints for the construction of smart transportation in Yantai. As a pilot project for the construction of smart cities, the construction of smart transportation in Yantai is currently accelerating its layout.


Based on the principles of pragmatism and utility, peacetime and wartime integration, and linkage between the upper and lower levels, Yantai City has built a city brain with a “1+16+N” architecture. Relying on the city brain, it is the first in China to build a grid-based “one network unified management” at the municipal level, opening a new model of refinement and digitalization of urban operation and social governance.


Yantai uses big data to create “smart transportation” in transportation positioning, and pragmatic information infrastructure is a crucial basic measure. Therefore, with high-quality product quality, timely delivery speed and perfect service system, the “DATEUP” brand stands out from many brands, builds cabinets and wiring products, and adopts the “DATEUP” brand integrated wiring and cabinet high-quality products to ensure the high-quality completion of the information infrastructure construction project of Yantai smart transportation project.



*Yantai City, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province, is located in the northeast of Shandong Peninsula in China, connecting Weihai City in the east, Weifang City in the west, Qingdao City in the southwest, Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea in the north, facing the Liaodong Peninsula in the north, and Dalian City, Liaoning Province across the sea, with a total area of 13,930.1 square kilometers.

Post time: Mar-21-2024