DATEUP Helps Yunnan Normal University in its Informatization Construction

DATEUP Helps Yunnan Normal University in its Informatization Construction

Facing the new situation, new missions, and new tasks, the planning and construction of college campuses has also entered a new stage of development. Standing in the new era of higher education development, we should think openly and innovatively about future new campus planning and construction, and comprehensively promote the construction of smart campuses with digital intelligent innovation.


A computer network system is a system that uses communication equipment and lines to interconnect multiple computer systems with different geographical locations and independent functions, and uses fully functional network software to realize resource sharing and information transmission in the network. The system is for school office digitization and school information management. The system provides hardware support.

The multimedia conference system can make full use of existing network resources and provide a real-time, interactive, and synchronous multi-point video communication system. It enables remote users to realize instant text, picture, voice, data communication and network conferencing through computers or special communication equipment.

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Yunnan Normal University and “DATEUP” collaborate to build Yunnan Normal University’s education informatization strategic goal system, development planning system, application guidance system, support service system, and performance evaluation system to promote education digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, and integrated innovation. “DATEUP” provides Yunnan Normal University with high-quality integrated wiring products and cabinet systems.

Post time: Nov-30-2023