MSS Cabinets Network Cabinet 19” Data Center Cabinet

Short Description:

♦ Front door: Toughened glass door with round hole vented arc door border.

♦ Rear door: Plate steel real door/plate vented rear door. (Optioal double-section rear door)

♦ Static loading capacity: 1000 (KG).

♦ Degree of Protection: IP20.

♦ Package Type: Disassembly.

♦ Mounting profiles with laser U-mark.

♦ Optional Fan unit easy installation.

♦ DATEUP safety lock.

♦ Optional Accessories, convenient disassembly easy maintenance.

♦ Comply with UL ROHS certifications.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Standard Specification


♦ IEC60297-2

♦ DIN41494: PART1

♦ DIN41494: PART7

♦ GB/T3047.2-92: ETSI

2.MSS lock
3.mounting profile and Cable management slot1
6.PDU1 unit2
5.ground label1


Materials SPCC cold rolled steel
Frame Disassembly
Width (mm) 600/ 800
Depth (mm) 600.800.900.1000.1100.1200
Capacity (U) 18U.22U.27U.32U.37U.42U.47U
Color Black RAL9004SN (01) / Gray RAL7035SN (00)
Turning degree >180°
Side panels Removable side panels
Thickness (mm) Mounting profile 2.0, Mounting angle 1.5, Others 1.2
Surface finish Degreasing, Silanization, Electrostatic spray

Product  Specification

Model No. Description
MSS.■■■■.900■ Toughened glass door with round hole vented arc front door border, blue ornament strip, plate steel rear door
MSS.■■■■.930■ Toughened glass door with round hole vented arc front door border, blue ornament strip, double-section plate steel rear door
MSS.■■■■.980■ Toughened glass door with round hole vented arc front door border, blue ornament strip, plate vented rear door
MSS.■■■■.960■ Toughened glass door with round hole vented arc front door border, blue ornament strip, double-section plate vented rear door

Remarks: ■■■■ First■ denotes width, second■ denotes depth, third & fourth■ denotes capacity; 9000 denotes Gray (RAL7035), 9001 denotes Black (RAL9004).


Main Parts:

① Frame
② Bottom panel
③ Top cover
④ Mounting profile
⑤ Spacer block

⑥ Mounting profile
⑦ Steel rear door
⑧ Double-section steel rear door
⑨ Vented rear door
⑩ Double-section vented rear door

⑪ Cable management slot
⑫ MS1 front door
⑬ MS2 front door
⑭ MS3 front door
⑮ MS4 front door

⑯ MS5 front door
⑰ MSS front door
⑱ MSD front door
⑲ Side panel
⑳ 2“Heavy duty caster

Remarks: Width 600 Cabinets without spacer block and metal cable management slot.


Payment & Warranty


For FCL (Full Container Load), 30% deposit before production, 70% balance payment before shippment.
For LCL (Less than Container Load), 100% payment before production.


1 year limited warranty.



• For FCL (Full Container Load), FOB Ningbo, China.

• For LCL (Less than Container Load), EXW.


What are the points to note when choosing a network cabinet?

When choosing a network cabinet, be sure to consider the network storage devices, monitors, and other standard equipment used to install the server. In addition, some non-standard equipment will have other requirements in the process of application. Therefore, the overall structure should have good strength and a good effect. The server cabinet should also be better shock and corrosion resistant, which can ensure the stability of the server cabinet to a large extent.

Its size should be based on the overall width and depth of the cabinet. We can further install a guide rail on the cabinet opening, which can really ensure that it is more flexible and convenient in the process of use.

Therefore, be sure to explain your specific needs to the manufacturer before purchasing, so that you can develop a cabinet that better meets the requirements. This will really bring more protection in the process of future application, and will have better results for overall use.

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